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Marin Bodale(1)(2)
(1)Medical Physics Center Iasi
(2)Colegiul Fizicienilor Medicali din Romania (CFMR)

radiography of Medical Physics in Romania ­‐ between past and future prospects


Despite the fact that oncological treatments with Radium started in 1927 in Brasov, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, the physicists appeared in the hospitals only later in 1950s as a necessity to use the cobalt-therapy units, just introduced in Romanian hospitals. In 1964 a hierarchical professional scale was made for auxiliary specialized healthcare personnel with a university degree (such as biologist, biochemist, chemist, psychologist, engineer and physicist) which over the years has been improved and is still used today to define the professional levels in the health sector. New regulations were issued before Romania became an UE member state, as a need of transposition and implementation of the EC Council Directives 96/29/EURATOM and 97/43/EURATOM. The new medical physicists and Medical Physics Expert professions in Romania with a qualification adequate to the European Commission Directive provisions and recognized in a Member State could be recognized by CNCAN and Romanian Health Minister in accordance with our common objective in the implementation of the Medical Exposures Directive provisions related to the Medical Physics Expert and to the harmonization of the Medical Physics Expert among the UE Member States. The physicist profession is practiced in Romanian healthcare system since 1950 and some difficulties have led to incorrect implementation of the new European Commission Directive. Therefore a new regulatory mechanism is required. The challenges and the current status of medical physicists and Medical Physics Expert professions in Romania are discussed and the need for improvement is also shown.